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All around the world, cities are towering up and sprawling out, following a standardized urban model. But there are other ways to inhabit our world that reject this destructive uniformity.

«Future Living» invites you to explore the diverse array of possibilities by looking at 20 eye-opening proposals. You will be asked to judge these prospective projects, inspired by actual living spaces found all around the globe, choosing the ones you would like to see brought to life in our future world.

The choices you make between October 17th and November 11th – whether well researched or snap decisions – will be used to help construct a common vision of the way mankind will live in future years. Come back starting on November 14th, to see the representation of “Future Living” you helped us craft.


an interactive, participant-driven project

Directed by Joffrey Lavigne

Illustrated by Guillaume Kurkdjian

Written with Marguerite D'Ollone & Philippe Simay

Produced by Fabienne Servan-Schreiber et David Bigiaoui


Developed by Olivier Lassu

Sound designer Pierre Picot

Storyboard & Sketches Deemoes

Production Manager & Project Supervisor Coralie Nugier

Legal & Finance Department Catherine Cahen, Manka Sierakowski, Bénédicte Beaujon, Nathalie Huete

Graphic Designer Mickaël Charbonnier

Communication Intern Manon Paret

Production Intern Martin Gatoux


Creative Director David Ronhel

Artistic Director Solyne Loyer, Mathilde Lier

Lead developer Guillaume Gouessan

Developers Laetitia Nanni, Yann Kubacki

Producers Loïc Movellan, Clément Salle


Director of Digital Development Gilles Freissinier

Head of Web Development Lama Serhan

Web Department Administration Jérôme Vernet

Web Production & Publishing Céline Charavit

Web Project Head Adrien Larouzée

Publishing Intern Jacques Sindt

Social Media Manager Florence Danon

Head of Social Networks & Web Communities Léa Jagut

Partnerships Manager Françoise Lecarpentier

Communications Officers Marie-Charlotte Ferré, Martina Bangert

With special thanks to

David Duhamel, Julien Goetz, Yannick Kergoat, Ismaël Khelifa, Lucie Pastor, Estelle Mauriac, Véronique Rabuteau, Catherine Alvaresse, Marianne Levy-Leblond, Adrien Laville, Sara Brucker, Yoann Drulhe, Arnaud Romani, Matthias Mouton, Pierre Caillet, Olivier Bessuges, Jean-Christophe Quilez, Annabelle Avril, Vincent Delmon, Hugo Labonde, Blanche Tivolle, Clémentine Kruse, Alice Mansion, Camille Boury, Pierre Martinez, Marie-Jeanne Layec, Corentin Naud, Romane Saget, Suzanne Clavairoly, Laura Martinez, Laura Fournier, Fred Babin, Nouri Boudhri, Camille Gicquel, Eliott and all the other web surfers whose opinions will help us craft this project.


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