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This journey unfolds in panoramic view.
Open your browser window wider to see the world
of the future.

Half of us already live in spaces like this.

The other half will join us here all too soon.

All over the world, cities are towering up higher and higher.
Sprawling out wider and wider.

Ambitious cities are mushrooming...
Becoming more and more imposing.

The world is turning into one giant megacity.

What does tomorrow hold? 

The future is looking pretty bleak.

Overpopulation. Pollution. Saturation. Deforestation. Destruction.

We're becoming resigned to this sad litany...

Accepting it as inevitable and relinquishing control.

Come imagine the future with us.

Thank you and welcome to a world where anything is possible.

Discover the amazing diversity the future holds for us.

Listen closely and let your curiosity and instincts guide you...
As we chose the living spaces of the future.

You don't want to join in, seriously?!

There are other ways the world can end..

Too bad. We warned you.




Are you proud of yourself?

You didn't lift a finger.

But we're giving you a second chance.
No harm, no foul.

Please join us...
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